Craig started working with dogs full-time in 2013; he felt we had lost a crucial part of our relationship with our canine companions, and that was leadership. Craig believed that if we could lead our dogs, as equally as we love them, then it would allow us to become the leader they need us to be, instead of one we think they want us to be.

It’s Craig’s aim to show owners how to understand an unwanted behaviour, from the mind of a dog, as opposed to a frustrated owner; by doing this he found that we could then encourage correct behaviours and in-turn develop a loving, loyal relationship, that lasts a lifetime.

Throughout his career in this industry, Craig has travelled the country working with destabilised dogs and dealt with a vast variety of issues; from barking to aggression. You name it – he’s fixed it!

Canine Complete was devised in order to give the best in the raw diet, thus in-keeping with the needs of our canine carnivores, along with offering market leading training equipment and behavioural advice. We aim to deliver all you need to achieve a well-balanced and well-behaved best friend.

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