We asked Craig to come help with 2 of our chihuahuas (Brody and Evie) the pair would break out in fights every evening whilst me and my husband sat in the lounge. Within 2 hours of Craig being here and Brody on a training lead the 2 could lay next to each other and there hasn’t been a single fight since his visit! 100% recommend him. Thanks Craig!

Jackie Cole
Well where do i start what a legend this man is… 👌.I needed help with my 6 yrs old rescue staffy x who wouldn’t walk on his lead all he did was go frantic and bite lead and just tug and with Craig’s help and time and I now have a much happier dog who is now enjoying walks.. You said you would get him sorted in one session and i was very doubtful but you sure proved me wrong i can’t thank you enough 🤗 So all i can say is i highly recommend this trainer
Pamela Robson
Our Axel is a rescue Springer who was on death row at the RSPCA, due to being so guarded in his kennel that no one could go near him. My daughter Carla was volunteering whilst doing her animal behaviour degree and they struck a bond. She was able to train him to the soppy family pet he is now, but could not crack him pulling beyond manageable on a lead.Carla and I asked Craig for help and ALL of the family thought he was a lost cause and that I was wasting my money.
Axel now walks beautiful. I am so pleased and blown away by the change and now walk him easily. I recommend Craig to anyone who also thinks their dog is beyond change. You really have to try Craig to believe it. From doggy death row to beautiful family favourite.
Dawn Storey
I can’t recommend Craig enough.
We rehomed a french bulldog last May and if I’m honest we’ve struggled with her behaviour ever since to the point I have been in tears wanting to rehome her. She has been very dominant and controlling in every aspect of our life, we have been unable to have visitors over without her trying to be dominant and we certainly haven’t been able to let anyone else walk or look after her but since having a session with Craig and him being able to show us what we have to do to change our ways in order for her to respect us has been the best decision we ever made!Today has been the best day yet, we’ve had visitors round and for once we have felt in control and like she has respected us and our visitors. Thank you so much Craig for helping us we honestly can’t thank you enough
Daniella Sheppard
Best money I’ve ever spent, I actually have control, and a happier dog in the long run. It’s tuff love, but the best type of love you can give.. It creates a happy balanced doggy and a better owner ❤️ ❤️
Abbie Richmond
Would highly recommend! I’ve had 3 dog trainers and they were a compete waste of time! He’s a great guy with amazing knowledge of dogs. After just one session with Craig my dogs behaviour has improved massively! Looking forward to the next training session.
Lewis Royley
Words cannot describe how impressed I was meeting Craig and seeing the change in the behaviour of our dog after just one session! He really is incredibly talented, Ralphs behaviour from that day on has remained consistent and we are so happy. I was initially sceptical that one session wouldn’t be enough but Ralph now comes back on command and can be walked off the lead. Absolutely worth every penny of Craig’s time. Thank you Craig.
Donna Gilbert

“I can’t thank you enough for working with us and enabling us to have the tools to use from now on. This man is the real dog whisperer”

Rob Davies


Craig believes that if we can lead our dogs, as equally as we love them, then it will allow us to become the leader they need us to be, instead of one we think they want us to be.